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Dazzling Invitations

Are you having a Dazzling Pamper party? Then why not print off some invitations for your party guests! Simply select the invitations according to the Dazzling pamper party you are having and then save and print!

dazzling invitation
unicorn party invitation
glitz and glam party invitation
flamingo party invitation
sweetheart party invitation
fairy princess party invitation
pampered princess party invitation
sassy slumber party invitation
dazzling diva party invitation

There is also a printable consent form that can be given to the parents of the party guests to sign or verbally agree to for the party. This is just to let Dazzling pamper parties know of any allergies that could affect the child's participation in the party. These forms are not compulsory, however please make Bex aware of any allergies prior to the party.

Simply copy and paste the number of invitations you require on to a word document then print! 

party consent form

Dazzling Consent Form (DOCX — 11 KB)

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