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In my Sparkle Era party 

sparkles little girl singing stars disco

For the girls who are ready to celebrate their Birthday Era, this party is the perfect choice!


The Party...


On arrival everybody will be shown to the cosy corner complete with cushions, throws, sweets and games/ activity pages/ colouring.

The girls will all receive a sequin cat ear headband to keep and the birthday girl will receive a special rhinestone 'In my Birthday Era' lanyard too!

We will then get to know each other with some questions such as everyone's favourite hobbies and colours!

Each person will then have a Swifty-inspired glitter tattoo of their choice as well as glitter roots for their hair and a little glitter for their face of course!

While everyone is waiting their turn, they will create their own friendship bracelets (2 each) which they can then show off at the end of the party. Once everyone has had their turn, we will then play a selection of games until the end of the party as they take to the stage with their microphones and lip sync/ sing to their favourite song (birthday girl's choice)! 

Of course everyone wins a prize and certificate to take home!

The Price...

£135 for 4 children (1hr 10mins)

£150 for 5 children (1hr 15mins)

£165 for 6 children (1hr 20mins)

Please allow up to 2 hours for up to 12 children. Additional guests can be added for £18.50 each.

Suitable for children aged 7-13. 

Things needed for your party...

Parking space outside or very close to your home

Enough space to create a cosy corner with throws and cushions

Absolutely everything is provided for the party so mums and dads only need to think about the food (if you are doing any)

If you do not have your own music I can provide this.

Although parents don't have to lift a finger throughout the party, please feel free to join in with the fun!

Please let Bex know of any allergies/ skin sensitivities at the beginning of the party.

You can download a consent form from the website too.

To book a party please click here or alternatively text Bex on 07920092984.

You can also email at

*Parties available in Devon and Cornwall)

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