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Dazzling Divas party

If your little diva can't decide which party she wants this is the perfect party for her! Combining both the Glitz and Glam and Dazzling Sweethearts parties, the Dazzling Divas party ensures everyone has the best of both worlds!

nail painting

The Party...

On arrival everybody will be shown to the seating area where everybody will be provided with a towel and foot pamper bowl which has been sprinkled with magical rainbow dust to make the water smell yummy ready for their feet! We will then get to know each other with some questions such as everyone's favourite hobbies and colours!

The children will then be given yummy products to put on their feet including scrumptious foot scrub and body buttercream.

Once the foot pampering has finished it is time for everyone to take in turns on the pink pamper couch for their make up.

Each person will be able to choose from a selection of nail polishes for their fingers or toes (the birthday girl can choose both fingers and toes), eye shadow and eye sparkle dust and a lipstick.

The rest of the group will play group circle games while they are waiting their turn on the pamper couch! (Chocolate is included!)

They will then take it in turns to have a dazzling glitter tattoo which lasts up to ten days.

Once everyone has been dazzlefied, they will then play group circle games until the end of the party where there will be a dance / pose challenge where everyone wins a prize.

All children receive a special certificate for attending the pamper party!

Please inform Bex of any allergies/sensitivities at the party.

The Price...

£110 for 4 children (1hr 10mins)

£120 for 5 children (1hr 15 mins)

£130 for 6 children (1hr 20 mins)

£15 for any extras (max 12 - allow up to 2 hours)


Dazzling Divas parties are suitable for children aged between 7 and 12 years.

 *please ask guests to remove nail polish before the party

Things needed for your party…

⭐️Parking space outside or very close to your home

⭐️Access to hot and cold water for the foot pampering

⭐️Somewhere for the girls to sit for their foot pampering (usually sofas are best)

⭐️Enough space for the girls to sit in a circle on the floor for the games

⭐️Enough space for the pamper couch (portable massage table) 

To make an online enquiry please click here or email/call Bex on or 07920092984

*Parties currently available in Devon*


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