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Rainbow Experience

Whilst things are starting to ease during our lockdown time, the rules are in place that only two households can meet indoors.

This isn’t great news for the children desperate to see their pals. Luckily we have had great weather so meeting outdoors with our ‘bubble pals’ has been easy; but everyone knows that when storms pass rainbows appear, so for the perfect small gathering why not have the Rainbow Experience from the comfort of your home!

The Experience...

The rainbow experience will start by sitting on the magic carpet (magic because it leaves no mess) and have a little chat about our favourite things!

The children will then take it in turns to have a glitter tattoo and decorate their very own SQUISHY RAINBOW! 

Once they have finished decorating their rainbows we will then play games until the end of the experience and every child will have a RAINBOW light & fluffy treat bag from the Dazzling Treats range!

We will then play games until the end of the session when everyone will receive a light & fluffy RAINBOW bag from the Dazzling Treats range

The Price...

£25 for 1 child (35 mins)

£40 for 2 children (45mins)

£60 for 3 children (60 mins)

£80 for 4 children (75mins)

£100 for 5 children (90mins)

£120 for 6 children (2 hours)

The Dazzling Rainbow experience is suitable for children ages 3 and over and are carried out in the comfort of your own home.

(Games are adapted to suit the different ages)

Please inform Bex of any allergies/ skin sensitivities at the session.

To make an online enquiry please click here or contact Bex on:

Email: [email protected]

Call/Text: 07920092984

The Rainbow Experience is available in Devon and Cornwall.

As part of your pamper party package you will receive 10% off any of the Dazzling Treats range!

From pamper boxes and activity kits to scrumptious themed sweet boxes - there's something for everyone. These can be brought either brought along to your party or delivered whenever you like!