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Secret Agents party

For an exciting and fun-filled party guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping- perfect for the curious cats!

The Party...

Special Agent B has been called in to provide some intense training for some new recruits to the Secret Agent Club.

Once the secret agent recruits have arrived they will be given some training gear to wear for their training period and then taken to the evidence table.

At the table they will be given their first mission of the day...

MISSION 1: Find the Spy words and Destroy the Evidence
The secret agents must find the Spy Words and destroy the mystery munch (a mixture of sweets and chocolate) while waiting for their next mission.

MISSION 2: Secret Agent Initiation
girls parties, unicorn party, parties in devonGet fully equipped as a secret agent by taking your fingerprints and receive your Secret Agents Club InkTattoo - exclusive to the Secret Agents Club- only the top special agents get one of these! (Lasts for 5 days)

MISSION 3: Crack the code
To ensure our secret agent recruits are on top form they must be able to crack the cryptic codes - whoever is the first to crack the code will win a prize!

MISSION 4: Memory Training
A tray of evidence will be brought out to the special agent recruits. They will be able to view the evidence tray for a given amount of time, write down all they can remember and whichever recruit recalls the most items will win a prize.

MISSION 5: Pass the Bomb
Oh no the enemy has managed to get in and planted a bomb! The agents must pass the bomb around before the timer goes off! But beware - if you are caught holding the bomb when the timer goes off you will be out!  Whoever is the last surviving agent will win a prize! 

The final mission is of course the most important mission - finding the spy bags! 

After their final mission is complete all agents will receive a Secret Agent's Training Completion certificate and be presented with their own personalised ID badges to take home with them- and of course their treat bags (if found!)

The Price...
The Secret Agent party costs £150 for 6 people and is suitable for both girls and boys aged 7-12.
Additional children can be added for £20 each
The party lasts 2 hours with time for food in between if required.

The Secret agents will all receive a lovely dazzling party bag to take home with them as well as an ID badge and certificate as proof of completing the training for the Secret Agents Club. Please confirm how many guests will be boys.

To make an online enquiry please click here  or alternatively email/ call Bex on:dazzling_sweethearts@hotmail.co.uk or 07920092984.

*Parties currently available in Devon and Cornwall*

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