Dazzling Pamper Parties - Pamper parties for children and Teens
pamper partyAbout Bex...

Here's a few things you may like to know about me and how I started Dazzling Pamper Parties!

Firstly HELLO and THANK YOU for choosing a Dazzling Pamper Party! 

I live in Plymouth in Devon with my three cats; Munchkin, Purrdy and Cougar. My favourite colour is pink and I eat way too much pizza and chocolate!
I believe laughter can heal wounds that can't be seen and have a crazy shoe obsessions (I have over 100 pairs!)

I have been running Dazzling Pamper Parties since 2008. I developed my passion for working with children when I was just 16 and worked as a party and den supervisor at the local children's 'Deep Sea Den'. I would have a whale of a time accidentally falling in the ball pools and loved making the children laugh!

I knew that I wanted a career that would make people laugh and feel happy. Fast forward a few years where I had trained for my holistic beauty therapy and teenage beauty specialist diplomas. 
I quickly realised that although I loved to work within the beauty trade - it still wasn't where my heart was. 
I then went to University to become a Paediatric Occupational Therapist! It was during my first year placement at the hospital where I started Dazzling Pamper Parties.
I knew I wanted to work with children and make them smile. I knew how important social inclusion is for children and how much a party can impact on their friendship groups. I also have had experience first hand at what it is like to hold parties at home for my then step-daughter- and to do everything was incredibly stressful!

Dazzling Pamper Parties was designed around being affordable and stress-free for parents whilst being fun for children - and of course making them feel like the special princesses they are! Because they are designed to be carried out at home for groups as small as 4 means that even the more socially distant children can take part and enjoy their party.

Once I was up and running the parties became an instant hit! After my second year at Uni I decided my heart was no longer there, however still had a passion for helping people.

Fast forward another few years where Dazzling Pamper Parties has grown so there is a variety of parties available to suit everyone's tastes and ages - now even parties for boys! 
The idea behind providing the boys parties has been through lots of requests from boys who have been at their sisters' parties who even wanted their own pamper parties! At least they have the option of having a 'boy-friendly' party in case they don't want the pink pamper couch turning up! 

During the years I have also worked in care settings as a support worker and enabler and have obtained my DBS certification. As well as being able to help children to enjoy their birthday parties I also work as an activities co-ordinator for a local charity working with children and young adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties. This is equally a rewarding job which I absolutely love! 

Here is a photo of me with one of my favourite lovely birthday girls who has been having parties with me for the last 5 years!

pamper party